Monday, May 15

Search Engines

Stuck with some coding syntax, or looking for new terms/photos/concepts. The immediate one we look for is a search engine, Right? But are we making use of it to the extent possible!!!
Before we put forth our questions in the search engines, think once carefully frame the question that is in mind. Phrase it in such a way that search engine brings appropriate results.
We can avoid unwanted things only by giving proper phrases to search for that makes life easy. Lot of times the words we frame will be responsible for the unwanted results we come across. These may push the important result that we are looking for into the later pages. Best way to avoid this is use Advanced Search to pinpoint search results.
Also Google offers, Google Answers where the questions of users are replied by the experts in the respective domains.
Do not stick to one particular search engine, there are plenty of search engines specific to domains like blogs, technology and the list goes on.

There is this useful extension Customize Google available from Mozilla, it adds a list of other search engines can be checked along with the Google Search results. Not only this much it has more features to offer. Give a try to it.