Wednesday, February 28

Behind the Scenes - Part4 Ground work

Whenever a candidate comes for an interview, surely he would have prepared a lot on his subject and he would have brushed through the latest happenings. This will give him lot of confidence, indeed he will be more confident. But when the interviewer asks any simple out of box question they will fall flat. Take it from me interviewers always try to make candidates comfortable, they always put simple and straight questions.

Some of them will be very silly. But for candidates they seem out of box questions. Watchout for some questions like:
-> Which version of the tools that you are working on?
(Good Practice: Know more about your tools that you are daily working with)
-> Which version of the software that you are working on?
(Good Practice: Know more about your software that you are daily working with)
-> Some details about the company.
(Good Practice: Go through the company's site before attending the interview)

Tuesday, February 6

Monitor any webpage with Page2RSS

We are all aware of the recent buzz that was created by RSS . RSS helps to get the feeds of the favorite/selected sites that gives away the xml/RSS feed (more on RSS). But what if my favorite sites are not publishing any feeds?
Page2RSS is just a perfect solution. Just enter your favorite site which you want to monitor and it will display a meesage as below:
This page is monitored for updates. There are no any changes detected since 02/05/07 06:57:40.
To receive updates for this page in RSS format copy-paste this link into your feed reader. And add the link to your RSS readers and you will start receiving the changes.
You can drag and bookmark the link Add to Page2RSS and click on the bookmarked link if you want to monitor the site you are viewing.
This way we can monitor almost every site that we browse across.

Monday, February 5

Goals - Revise, Revisit, Realize

Everybody will have tasks/aims/goals in their life, be it personal/career/business. I was reading a book Goals written by Brian Tracy which talks about the importance of having goals in one's life and Brian Tracy also site's that making a list of Goals, Revising, Revisiting them often will help in Realizing them. I stumbled upon few sites where you can make you goals/things you wanted to achieve public/private and keep monitoring them. There are many websites that will help you in this way.

43 Things

Online Photo Editing Tools

How many time you felt to brighten/edit those photographs of yours taken on your trips/occassion ? You need not have the Photoshop tool to make these minor changes. You read it correctly, there are enough web based tools that will do the similar job of that of your photoshop. Here I am listing down few of such online photo editing tools:
Try them out!