Saturday, September 23

Start your Collection in Squirl way

According to a study, almost 4 out of 10 have collecting things (any kind) as their hobby. Of course, there will be temptation to meet fellows that have same collections and even want to share their collection to others. Squirl is the one such thing that facilitates to store, share and contact equal minded people.
It is a platform for passionate collectors to meet people with similar interests.

One of Squirl’s strong points is with creating and managing collections. The way it works is simple and makes for a very flexible system.
First and fore most no fee to register.
You start by creating your collection filling in a name and description.
Then select “Add Item” and choose one of Squirl’s 30 item categories.
And start uploading the collected items.
Submit them and get connected to the people with similar interest.

Start your collection. Squirl

Friday, September 8

orkut Thanks to Orkut Buyukkokten

Now days I see many of my friends are excited that they could able to get in touch with their good old classmates, collegues... we have heard of many community, college, alumni groups that will make the contacts to grow and glow. In the same way we have one more such social network orkut. I also became very interested and started using more when I really got in touch with some of my classmates of primary school days. Awesome right!!!
So I thought I should have a post dedicated to orkut as matter of respect for I am one of the beneficiaries. No wonder it is one of the top 10 web applications in Turkey

Little digging in to its history.
orkut is an Internet social network service run by Google and named after its creator, Google employee Orkut Buyukkokten,
Orkut is a software engineer from turkey, he is really awesome with lot of credentials and publications. You can know about him from his website.
Sincere Thanks to Orkut Buyukkokten from all the beneficiaries and orkut members

You can digg more for orkut.
You can find me here sumanth.

Thursday, September 7

Zimbra: Mashing Up The Office

Ever since the Web 2.0 catching up the web development, the mashup (A mashup is a website or Web 2.0 application that uses content from more than one source to create a completely new service.)functionality taking reins. Mashups are revolutionizing web development as they allow anyone to combine existing data from sources like, eBay, Google ... in innovative ways (thanks to simple and lightweight APIs).
Zimbra is an open source Web Office vendor. It started off in 2005 as an email/calendar collaboration toolset, big on mashup functionality and Web 2.0 hype. Zimbra has since added word processor and spreadsheet to its product range, meaning it now closely resembles a Web Office suite.
Read more on Zimbra Product Review, Mashup Experience, Documents...

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Wednesday, September 6

YUI Ajax Feed Reader

For someone who is not very advanced with object-oriented development, it may seem complex or difficult to trace the various inherited methods through the class hierachy.

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Saturday, September 2

Webwag - An internet start page that allows you to "wag" the web.

I agree that now days everyone would like to see all their subscriptions in just one click. This was the very strong reason that made the RSS aggregation very very popular. I was talking about how such useful these Ajax start pages in my recent posts. Here you have one more internet page that allows you to arrange all your subscriptions, favourites, mail clients, photos, videos... all at one place.

No more wasting the time add webwag to your list.
Other Ajax start pages:

Friday, September 1

Useful Wordpress Plugins -1

I was going through this article Top Wordpress Plugins.
I'm sure many are aware of the Wordpress, but for the information of those who are hearing for the first time, It is a php based open source blog engine, of course it can be used as CMS tool too! Learn more about from wordpress itself.

This article gives a list of wordpress plugins. I could not help but commenting on the article saying some more plugins need to be mentioned.

I thought I should give more explaination about them:

AuthImage :
Creates an authentication image to help combat spam in comments. Thanks to Keith McDuffee.

How it works?
To avoid spam and robots commenting to the posts automatically, this plugin generates a CAPTCHA image which only humans can fill it. Hacking is prevented.

A simple plugin which lists a range of social bookmarking sites allowing visitors to quickly socially bookmark the post/page they are currently viewing Thanks to Paul Stamatiou & Kirk Montgomery .

Social bookmarking How it works?
Whenever we come across any useful/nice article we feel like storing them in our digg/delicious... account. This plugin will add such links at the end of every post and clicking on it will directly saves into the logged in accoounts.

Want to see them in action? Check any of the following:

Suggestica Notes

There are many other plugins which needs more explaination not just mentioning them, that I will take up in the upcoming posts.