Saturday, September 23

Start your Collection in Squirl way

According to a study, almost 4 out of 10 have collecting things (any kind) as their hobby. Of course, there will be temptation to meet fellows that have same collections and even want to share their collection to others. Squirl is the one such thing that facilitates to store, share and contact equal minded people.
It is a platform for passionate collectors to meet people with similar interests.

One of Squirl’s strong points is with creating and managing collections. The way it works is simple and makes for a very flexible system.
First and fore most no fee to register.
You start by creating your collection filling in a name and description.
Then select “Add Item” and choose one of Squirl’s 30 item categories.
And start uploading the collected items.
Submit them and get connected to the people with similar interest.

Start your collection. Squirl

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