Thursday, September 4

My Experiments with Google Chrome - 3

This article was shared by Shakti. This is nothing to do with the extensive feature list of chrome, or bugs, or fixes... but on the privacy policy.
Google's Chrome Terms of Service take out a royalty-free license for Google of any content submitted by users over the internet...
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Wednesday, September 3

My experiments with Google Chrome -2

As mentioned in my previous post, the import firefox bookmarks is picking up some random profile.  The reason behind this is while importing the chrome could not access the settings of current profile and hence picking up the random profile setting.

Can we have importing based on the profile?

My experiments with Google Chrome -1

I just installed the chrome and started experimenting it. Based on my earlier posts on Add-ons, extensions, profile usage, browser features... one can understand how much I use/love the Firefox browser. As soon as installed the chrome, I started looking for the same. But then I realised it might take some time before I could notice the features that I am fond of.

profile usage:
I extensively make use of this profile feature. I create multiple profiles, based on my work.
  • To create new firefox extension.
  • To test the extensions.
  • For office work.
  • ...
  • ...
Importing bookmarks:
Though I prefer using stumble to bookmark my favorite pages, for quick reference I store some on Firefox bookmark tool bar. When I tried with chrome, it had imported bookmarks randomly from one of the firefox profiles.

I feel the usability of browser increases with these add-on's, extensions.

Google Chrome

Thanks to my friend Aditya, for sharing Google Chrome the browser from Google.
I am always eager about the products that comes out of Google. I am under impression that whatever Google comes out with will have more usability, simplicity, to the point, light weight... and I can go on listing them.
From Google's official blog entry, I went through the story behind building the Google Chrome. It was quite impressive and it shows the approach is really good.
keep watching and experimenting...