Saturday, June 24

Useful e-commerce Websites

Ever since e-commerce giants started tasting the success on various products like books, Electronic goods, many startups focussed on providing variety of services that range from video share, photo share, music share and also a way to purchase and sell the products. Today, I wanted to mention of those service providing sites which I liked most for reasons that are obvious...
  • pepperjam The Pepperjam Comparison Shopping Blog embraces our dynamic e-commerce tradition and is powered by the most cutting-edge tools available, including applications such as AJAX and Python...
  • ZoomBlast View and rate videos from other online video services.
  • loomia Loomia Recommendations is the quickest way to add personalized recommendations to your web site.
  • zapzap ZapZap is a user-managed podcast episode directory. At ZapZap you can find the world's most popular podcast episodes and channels, as voted for by listeners.
  • pluggd Discover podcasts based on your interests and the interests of others. Listen to podcasts online, on your computer, or on your MP3 player, and also share your opinions.
  • Attensa The intelligent RSS reader for Outlook - Automatically receive critical information from the web, blogs and wikis - Secure subscriptions to internal and external RSS feeds
  • Tripmates Tripmates is a social network for people interested in travel. You can meet people to travel with, find people traveling to the same destination...
  • flipadisc is a website for trading music, movies, games and books, in three easy steps...
  • TicTap Search products from a mobile device such as your PDA or smartphone, anywhere in the world! View prices, reviews and recommendations before purchasing.
  • MOG Share your musical tastes with just a few clicks of the mouse. The world can see what you listen to. For real. For free.

The list do not end here, of course many startups were taken over by the Giants in the pursuit of taking the No:1 position.

Wednesday, June 21

Learning Ruby in 15 minutes? This actually works.

Using some friendly copy even Google would adore, this web application integrates a live Ruby compiler and holds your hand through ever step of the way.Ruby is a programming language from Japan (available at which is revolutionizing the web. The beauty of Ruby is found in its balance between simplicity and power.
Try out Ruby code in the prompt above. In addition to Ruby's builtin methods, the following commands are available:

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Saturday, June 17

PHP - Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities

The Open Web Application Security Project released a helpful document that lists what they think are the top ten security vulnerabilities in web applications.
These vulnerabilities can, of course, exist in PHP applications. Here are some tips on how to avoid them.

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What websites others are Visiting?

No one can invest their precious time on browsing and finding later which is a good site to browse. I already mentioned in my earlier post to use World Wide Web effctively. If you get a chance to see what websites exactly being visited right now and comparing the stats to figure out the most visited site you can save a lot of time. Isn't it? But is it really possible?
Swarm show you what websites people are visiting, right now. It is a graphical map of hundreds of websites, that connect each other. Where they get this info/stats ? Know more here. If you are excited about this you also can contribute by downloading this firefox extension which is the lifeline of Swarm, through which it sends the details of your browsing.

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Friday, June 16

Mozilla Extensions #3

I surely think the previous posts of mine Mozilla Extension #1 and Mozilla Extensions #2 was of some help and this link was dugg good number of times. I got inspired by this and I am continuing to post two more extensions that I felt very useful, and of course you surely love them.
Many are interested in becoming members of many sites we all are aware when regestering to any site it surely requires name or E-mail id. I have both my user names and mail id's long. So I found this extesnion PasteEmail which saves the mail id and up to 15 text fields, and you can paste them by right clicking on the field while filling up the form. Thanks to ChuckBaker You can preview the PasteEmail.

Cool iris - why clicking?

When we search through, we find a binocular icon that gives a preview of the content without actually clicking on it.

Cooliris is a set of free browser extensions that give you the power to quickly preview the underlying content of links without clicking. Simply rest your mouse over a link and see the content immediately. No more clicking back and forth!
Check out more previews.
Get one for your Mozilla browser and say bye to clicking!

Thursday, June 15

Free your mind - Wridea

It is good to keep all our ideas in a place and comfortably export, share, print and many options! Exciting isn't it!
Wridea made it possible. This beta version is open for Signing up which takes hardly a minute.
Why wridea?

Get Your ideas organized

Create ideas.

Create Categories.

Create Pages.

Export the Ideas.

Print the Ideas.

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What users hate about Web sites

The statistics show that on an average every web user would spend just 2 minutes time on each website. So how best we can represent well in those 2 minutes will become crucial part of web designing. Be it Flash, be it Ajax or any thing that aims in increasing the usability should not annoy the user of the web user...

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Wednesday, June 14

Diigo: Digest of Internet Information Groups and Other stuff

Very interesting a combination of social bookmarking, clippings, tagging, full-text search, easy sharing and interactions. This Diigo offers a personal tool and a rich social platform for knowledge users...

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Tagfetch - Fetching Tags across multiple sites

A search engine that lets you search for tags across multiple “web 2.0” sites. It’s a great way to expand one’s search across multiple people powered sites. Fetches tagged content from trusted sources like flickr, technorati, youtube, digg, and more.

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The stealth way to browse the Internet at work

Ghostzilla is a Web browser like Firefox, but it shows up and disappears instantly, discreetly, blended with your application -- any application -- so the Web pages look like part of it and not like the Web at all.

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eBay Wiki - world's largest commercial wiki launched

Wikipedia - is the bible to refer for any category any field. This goes commercial with collabaration of eBay and JotSpot. They just released a new community wiki - making it almost certainly the world's largest wiki platform for a commercial website (Wikipedia is bigger, but it's non-commercial). eBay Wiki is described as ...

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Tuesday, June 13

Mikons - a new form of Self Expression

"A picture is worth thousand words" - of course we all agree with that otherwise how the Emoticons could become so popular. How about describing yourself not in words but entirely through visual symbols?
Could not believe it right! something like the image below: Every image given a tag to identify.

Mikons was developed with aim to give fun and easy way to create these symbols that tell story.
What else you can share the story and connect to all people all over the world. You can create you own images and can tag them.

Mikons requi
res shockwave plugin.

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15 Exercises for Learning a new Programming Language

In this rapidly growing IT field, those who want to survive they need to be updated and constantly get in touch with new programming languages, techniques... In that case do we need to attend courses that eats away our little time.
I digged this article where Prashant N Mhatre hints how to keep up with the job demands and shares 15 exercises to master languages quickly.

Quite interesting

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Monday, June 12

Webtop - An Ajax Start Page

Pageflakes, Netvibes, Zimbio yes they similar in a way they are all ajax start pages. They make our life simple by allowing favourtie web services such as Flickr, Gmail ... In this line there is one more ajax start page. Now it is Webtop this is from 30 Boxes.

What webservices it's offering?

Webservices includes Gmail, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, Webshots, Meebo, 30boxes Calendar...

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Products Google should Develop - Submit your idea too!

The way Google is coming up with innovative products day by day (of course with Ajax touch), everyone is excited about future products. There is GoogleWatch which lists out the products/ideas of individuals wish to be developed by the Google. Have an idea and want to see it to be developed by Google you can submit it to GoogleWatch.

Friday, June 9

Google SearchAPI for Wordpress Blogs

I got an article/tutorial which explains how to include the Google Search API in to the blogs. It was very helpful,but for the sake of wordress blogs users, here I would like to give the steps to include GoogleSearchAPI.

Get your GoogleSearchAPI key for you blog/site.

If you can access the php code of your blog, search for the "wp-content/themes/yourtheme" in the hosting environment. Locate "wp-content/themes/yourtheme/header.php" t
he file and copy the following content within the head tags.
Now go to the respective php file in the same folder(yourtheme) and place the dic content.
Say if you want to display this in the sidebar of the blogs, go to "wp-content/themes/yourtheme/sidebar.php"
and paste it as one of the list items.
We can also customise the css, for this get the css and overwrite with the css you want.
Thanks to Andy Brudtkuhl for his help.

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Thursday, June 8

Search Engines -2

I was mentioning in my earlier post SearchEngines how to use search engines effectively. You can follow up this link to find more tips and also how to use those tips in Google Search Engine.

Wednesday, June 7

Online Spreadsheet System from Google

Spread sheets with difference in all aspects. To write, to maintain, to share and so on.
Yes you heard right! Google is lauching Google Spreadsheets, of course with Ajax stuff to make it as user friendly as possible.
Creating Spread Sheets
Sharing Spread Sheets
Storing Spread Sheets ...

It can read both CSV and XLS formats.
Files can be saved in CSV, XLS and HTML formats.
Files can be imported in CSV or XLS formats, so excel documents and other spreadsheet files should work in Google Spreadsheets.

Excellent Feature made possible and availble in Google Spreadsheets is - multiple people can update a spreadsheet at the same time and chat with eachother while doing
Before it is made public you can signup and visit the tour.
Some more Ajax based Spreadsheets are available here:

Tuesday, June 6

How to Exercise an Open Mind?

"Rest is Change of Work" - This how I was taught during college days. It is the variety of things that we keep picking up and new challenges and problems we are trying to solve make our mind active. This energy drives all to find the appropriate solutions. The key feature is to have an open mind. There are many ways to achieve this:
Stimulate your ears differently.
Stimulate your eyes in new ways.
Learn about different people and lifestyles.
Click here to find more ways to Energise your mind.

Saturday, June 3

Ajax Seach API from Google

In my previous post, I was getting to a point how to use search engines effectively and narrow down search to the point. Imagine, you get search results based on category !!! Wonderful, isn't it. As always Google is back with Ajax featured search API that categorises the search results into local, web, video and blogs.

Excited to see it in action, click.
Want to know more and include in your page, signup here.