Friday, June 9

Google SearchAPI for Wordpress Blogs

I got an article/tutorial which explains how to include the Google Search API in to the blogs. It was very helpful,but for the sake of wordress blogs users, here I would like to give the steps to include GoogleSearchAPI.

Get your GoogleSearchAPI key for you blog/site.

If you can access the php code of your blog, search for the "wp-content/themes/yourtheme" in the hosting environment. Locate "wp-content/themes/yourtheme/header.php" t
he file and copy the following content within the head tags.
Now go to the respective php file in the same folder(yourtheme) and place the dic content.
Say if you want to display this in the sidebar of the blogs, go to "wp-content/themes/yourtheme/sidebar.php"
and paste it as one of the list items.
We can also customise the css, for this get the css and overwrite with the css you want.
Thanks to Andy Brudtkuhl for his help.

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