Saturday, June 24

Useful e-commerce Websites

Ever since e-commerce giants started tasting the success on various products like books, Electronic goods, many startups focussed on providing variety of services that range from video share, photo share, music share and also a way to purchase and sell the products. Today, I wanted to mention of those service providing sites which I liked most for reasons that are obvious...
  • pepperjam The Pepperjam Comparison Shopping Blog embraces our dynamic e-commerce tradition and is powered by the most cutting-edge tools available, including applications such as AJAX and Python...
  • ZoomBlast View and rate videos from other online video services.
  • loomia Loomia Recommendations is the quickest way to add personalized recommendations to your web site.
  • zapzap ZapZap is a user-managed podcast episode directory. At ZapZap you can find the world's most popular podcast episodes and channels, as voted for by listeners.
  • pluggd Discover podcasts based on your interests and the interests of others. Listen to podcasts online, on your computer, or on your MP3 player, and also share your opinions.
  • Attensa The intelligent RSS reader for Outlook - Automatically receive critical information from the web, blogs and wikis - Secure subscriptions to internal and external RSS feeds
  • Tripmates Tripmates is a social network for people interested in travel. You can meet people to travel with, find people traveling to the same destination...
  • flipadisc is a website for trading music, movies, games and books, in three easy steps...
  • TicTap Search products from a mobile device such as your PDA or smartphone, anywhere in the world! View prices, reviews and recommendations before purchasing.
  • MOG Share your musical tastes with just a few clicks of the mouse. The world can see what you listen to. For real. For free.

The list do not end here, of course many startups were taken over by the Giants in the pursuit of taking the No:1 position.

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