Monday, May 30

Action Item - Ruby Community

As every rubyist agree with me though Ruby has very active community around still in India our numbers are not that great. The number of genuine Ruby/Ruby on Rails resources are very less and but there is a great demand.

What I had observed was that quite number of professionals around have directly started with Ruby on Rails and then get carried away with Rich Internet Applications implementations and gets busy in learning all new new technologies giving less time to spend in the core of Ruby itself.

I decided to contribute towards this by teaching ruby. Things fell in place so perfectly there is this graduate also have sun certfication to his credit. He approached me for mentorship and happily agreed. That's how I started my very first action item of spreading ruby and helping the community to grow


Sunday, May 29

RubyConf 2011 - Take Away

It was a very good weekend, good as it was a get together of rubyists across India. Fortunately I made it to this rubyconf in the last minute. Unlike last time, I had a plan for this rubyconf in terms of
what talks to attend whom to meet, what to discuss on...

Meetings included with folks from start-up's, research organizations, mobile. And I can keep going on with the list
however to condense what impressed me are

1. Community - Matz's calling out to help community grow

2. jRuby - Well Mark kindled my thoughts to go for Mac & i-phone

3. MacRuby - Mark's presentation was very impressive and just pushed purchasing mac & i-phone to top in my To Be purchased list

4. New ventures - Having a good experience of starting and building teams with Innozon I am always eager and encourage to share my experiences with everyone. Got to meet couple of interesting and enthusisatic guys from down Chennai. I promised them all my support possible to make sure they grow healthy ;)

RubyConf helped me to concentrate on certain niche things that I will be covering as I go along...