Sunday, May 29

RubyConf 2011 - Take Away

It was a very good weekend, good as it was a get together of rubyists across India. Fortunately I made it to this rubyconf in the last minute. Unlike last time, I had a plan for this rubyconf in terms of
what talks to attend whom to meet, what to discuss on...

Meetings included with folks from start-up's, research organizations, mobile. And I can keep going on with the list
however to condense what impressed me are

1. Community - Matz's calling out to help community grow

2. jRuby - Well Mark kindled my thoughts to go for Mac & i-phone

3. MacRuby - Mark's presentation was very impressive and just pushed purchasing mac & i-phone to top in my To Be purchased list

4. New ventures - Having a good experience of starting and building teams with Innozon I am always eager and encourage to share my experiences with everyone. Got to meet couple of interesting and enthusisatic guys from down Chennai. I promised them all my support possible to make sure they grow healthy ;)

RubyConf helped me to concentrate on certain niche things that I will be covering as I go along...

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