Friday, September 1

Useful Wordpress Plugins -1

I was going through this article Top Wordpress Plugins.
I'm sure many are aware of the Wordpress, but for the information of those who are hearing for the first time, It is a php based open source blog engine, of course it can be used as CMS tool too! Learn more about from wordpress itself.

This article gives a list of wordpress plugins. I could not help but commenting on the article saying some more plugins need to be mentioned.

I thought I should give more explaination about them:

AuthImage :
Creates an authentication image to help combat spam in comments. Thanks to Keith McDuffee.

How it works?
To avoid spam and robots commenting to the posts automatically, this plugin generates a CAPTCHA image which only humans can fill it. Hacking is prevented.

A simple plugin which lists a range of social bookmarking sites allowing visitors to quickly socially bookmark the post/page they are currently viewing Thanks to Paul Stamatiou & Kirk Montgomery .

Social bookmarking How it works?
Whenever we come across any useful/nice article we feel like storing them in our digg/delicious... account. This plugin will add such links at the end of every post and clicking on it will directly saves into the logged in accoounts.

Want to see them in action? Check any of the following:

Suggestica Notes

There are many other plugins which needs more explaination not just mentioning them, that I will take up in the upcoming posts.

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