Saturday, November 25

FormSpring - Make your forms online!

Nowdays, there are many desktop applications are turned to and made available online as web applications. Featyres like Google spreadsheets, Google calendar ofcourse few to name. In the same line we have a facility to make forms online using form generators and share with the friends anywhere, collegues withing organisation. Form generators like blueform , FormLogix, and here is the new one FormSpring.

Typical features include:
  • Completely web-based control panel so you can create and configure forms with a web browser No need to install additional software.
  • Supports Internet Explorer 6, Firefox and Safari.
  • Allows to add any kind of form widget (text fields, select lists, radio buttons, check boxes, etc) to your form, and change settings like sizes and layout. All without having to know HTML or scripting.
  • Easily create multi-page forms with skip/branching logic to hide non-applicable questions.
  • Use the FormSpring form importer to automatically generate forms from an external webpage or HTML file.
  • and more...
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Wednesday, November 8

Cheat Sheets - 2

I was mentioning about the cheat sheets and how helpful they are to developers to quickly refer back the syntax/functions ... In my earlier post Cheat Sheet I did give few cheatsheet links(appetisers). Here is the full meal about all cheat sheets possible. The Menu includes ASCII code cheat sheets to Ajax cheat sheets. Have a nice meal...

Thursday, November 2

Buzz - Websites that helps to find jobs

There are quite few websites that help to find jobs that help in building their career.

JobNeters is a new type of job board based on a social network of referrer who are asked to refer their friends for the jobs placed in JobNeters. The social aspect is reinforced by the fact that those referrers are motivated by a reward, and they are encourage to share this reward with a charity.

WhoToTalkTo is a job referral exchange.

And not only this, there is one search engine Indeed!

Indeed is a search engine for jobs - with a radically different approach to job search. In one simple search, Indeed gives job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites. includes all the job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages - and we continue to add new sites every day.