Thursday, November 22

Ruby on Rails - RoR

It's been quite appreciable amount of time that I spent on Web Technologies and been involved with many web based products. I was working on RoR. Yes it's the same thing much talked topic among developers and many web gurus.
Ruby on Rails :

Why to re-invent the wheel?
I am not going to talk on
What is ruby?
What is Rails?
Because many had already done enough work on that.

Then Why this post?
Recently I had been to a talk on Ruby on Rails, attended by many people belonging to different groups like from developers to mangers. I was very much inspired by the speaker. Mr. Rajasekhar an eminent speaker, I would say he did really good job by framing up all necessary details for any fresher to start experiments on Ruby on Rails in just 3 - 4 hours of session.
I got an oppurtunity to explain and elaborate the concepts with working examples and live projects here and there between Rajashekar's session.

The session went on so well and also it was a gentle reminder for me to start sharing on RoR.

Geeks watch out this space... more to come!
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