Wednesday, May 7

Extra Money OR Extra Skill !!!

There is slight personal experience attached to this post. Though I though it will fit on my personal blog, still the skill/technlogy is involved it would equally fit even here.
It's been three years (short of few days) in this IT industry. It's been great learning and at every stage and reminds me there is still more to learn.
There was a great temptation in the initial days to look out for extra money options. It's the general feeling that every individual carried on with. It was the time when Blogging culture was spreading very rampant in India and across the world, I got few opportunities to work with Wordpress Blog Engine.
Somehow, the way of the customization, deployment and taking it to live was very very simple(at least I felt) at the same time decent money. From then on I started working towards improvising/gaining more and more knowledge on Blogs. I started marketing myself as Blogger/Blog Expert.
  • Marketing a Business/Company/Individual
  • Making blog as revenue generator.
  • Improvising the Blog/Website traffic.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google AdSense and Adwords.
  • RSS Feeds.
  • Blog Widgets.
  • Rich User Interface.
  • Blog making it more user centric.
  • ....
  • ...
The interesting point was slowly went deep into these things and "Extra Money!!!" was forgotten long back and "Extra Skill !!!" was the driving force.
Extra Money:
  • You start looking out more options only when you feel/evaluated/decide that this going to be paid later.
  • One may find difficult to survive as the competition grows.
  • Transition to other technologies/expertise is difficult.
Extra Skill :
  • With gaining knowledge in the back of mind, you explore more and more soon you will discover that you have an edge over others.
  • Survival is not the issue as your interest was to gain more knowledge/expertise.
  • This is not a transition, but just another skill set.
I can keep listing out more and more.
Coming on to my experience, though I ventured out as an Extra money (though not so successful) option this was really turned out to be an Extra Skill (which I really feel added some flavor to my skill set).
There are more such things which can not be comprised into single post. But I thought to reveal more as series of posts :)


Bhagwat said...

yes agreed, Blogging is helping my knowledge base. nice post, Keep thinking.

Suman Guha said...

Great post speaks the reality.