Friday, October 20

The Art of Complex Problem Solving

Recently I was interviewing few candidates from php background. Of course, I will not be talking about the interview. I found in one of the candidate's resume saying "Capable to solve complex problems".This just one liner triggered my thoughts from that day and I was curious to know as to how to enhance the problem solving capabilites and how to approach the complex problems.
I was discussing about this with quite a few people around me and I found a link that deals with exactly te same, "The Art of Complex Problem Solving".
This article deals with the following:
  • Kinds of Problems
  • Seeing the System
  • Filling the vaccum
  • Visual Modeling
  • The Problem-solving System
  • Process
For the benefit of Software Developers, please find the following links to strengthen your Troubleshooting skills and Foundations.
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Anonymous said...

Sumanth, you may be interested in the book How To Solve It by G. Polya. It focuses on heuristics in math but the approach is usable in many (any, perhaps?) fields.

A summary: