Thursday, October 26

Permanent Innovation: 10 Principles, and 1 Free E-book

This article deals with the innovative prinicples. Author Langdon Morris offers 10 principles of innovation, as summarized by Fortune's Business Innovation Insider blog. Morris's goal is to help companies make innovation a matter of strategy that has a predictable method and becomes a management habit.

  1. Innovation is essential to survival, and all innovation is strategic;
  2. There are four types of innovation (e.g. incremental, breakthrough);
  3. The longer you wait to begin innovating, the worse things will get;
  4. Innovation is a social art - it happens when people interact with one another;
  5. Innovation without methodology is just luck;
  6. All four strategic innovation viewpoints are critical to success;
  7. Great innovations begin with great ideas;
  8. Ready, aim, aim, aim, fire;
  9. Prototype rapidly to accelerate learning;
  10. There is no innovation without leadership.

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