Thursday, December 14

Boxbe - Time for Spammers to pay their due

This is a great attempt of a startup that aims to make the spammers to pay their due!
Today everyone facing this problem of junk mail/spam occupying their inboxes at home, even at offices. This was a great attempt of Boxbe, to reduce the spam. More interestingly, the amount collected will be paid back to user or charity to the specified trust by the user.

How it works?
Read more about Boxbe, in this article.

Please do read through the Terms and Privacy before you try it out!

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Richi Jennings said...

While economic solutions to spam are an interesting idea, this is a terrible implementation. It's a challenge/response scheme. Like all of these things, there's a fundamental flaw: you can't reply to spammers -- replies go to innocent 3rd parties because spammers forge the return address.

In other words, this actually creates more spam.

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