Friday, December 8

Mozilla Extensions #4 : My Stickies

Around starting of the year (January - 2006), I heard about one-liner saying "Goodbye to Bookmarks, stickies are here!" (something like that...)
[Stickies What is this? MyStickies is a javascript script that can draw notes on web pages and tag them. The notes are saved to an online account and whenever you come back to the page, the notes will load back up.]
I signed up for this and used it now and then. I felt there should be some other way where we can use it to the maximum extent possible. But this december (after quite a long time)when I logged into this, I was welcomed with a note -" It seems that you haven't installed the Browser Extension on this computer yet. In order to place notes on pages outside of mystickies you will need this or the bookmarklet below. "

Here it is My Stickies extension for my favorite Mozilla browser.
It is really cool one to use, this extension gives you a toolbar that gives the options to add note and so on. And few transparent arrows will be seen on right bottom of the webpage. Once you add any note to the particular website, there will be a slider that comes on mouse over of these arrows giving away the note you have given to that particular website.
Why to wait, get the extension and say bye to the Bookmarks.

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