Wednesday, January 17

Behind the Scenes - Part2

This time I was in the panel where candidates with Java and .NET experience were interviewed. To make the candidate feel more comfortable I was asking them about their project experience and told them to explain us about the projects they handled. A candidate told us that he did his project using ASP.NET and of course the database was SQL. I asked him what queries they used to retrieve data from more than two - three database tables. His answer really amazed me, "he said he uses the data set!". He could not give more information for that question.
The data set is a simple GUI box through which queries will be formed by simply filling up the fields with respective table names with which it makes contact.
I feel this kind of a tool will effectively enhance the productivity but sooner they will make developers dumb. I am not saying NO to such tools, but we should always keep in mind that even such tools also use the basic query form and to get the results. I feel it is good for us to get our basics right first!

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