Friday, January 19

Behind the Scenes - Part3 Ajax

When I joined the interview panel in selecting PHP developers, I used to get minimum of 5-6 resume a week. In many of the resumes I notice them mentioning Web 2.0 and Ajax in their skill sets. During the interviews, either in person or telephonic they will be trapped by these terms. Many candidates fill up their resume with latest and hot technologies. But when we proceed towards asking any questions, many reply that they just started preparing/playing around with it.
But Ajax is not a technology in itself, it is a term that refers to the use of a group of technologies. The intention was to bring more user respone by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scene, without refreshing entire page for every request that user sentds. I do not want define about this here as many sites/blogs have already done in better ways and with lots of examples. There are many Ajax based applications, many frameworks/toolkits are available. May it be Scriptaculous, Backbase ...
Ajax Solutoire lists down all the Ajax based frameworks, toolkits, applications and many resources. Have a look and feel the user friendliness.

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In my previous post I listed many such successful applications.
YUI Ajax feed reader

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