Monday, January 14

Ruby on Rails Hosting - Heroku!

In my last post I discussed on the way we create 'class' and the Object Oriented paradigm in general.
Let me remind all again, this course is structured to provide enough information on ruby such that it would help to take a loot on Ruby on Rails. Stressing again on the importance of Ruby on Rails, an MVC architecture based framework, a well organised, easily maintainable (no mess whatsoever!)... which all mean faster production and rest all...

I thought I would start creating some basic web applications based on ror, before that I want to bring notice to all about Hosting an application.

To host any application it requires an Application/web server, CGI/fCGI, and the environment in which you application is developed and the related databases and plug ins/vendor software (if any used!).

The good news is that you have we need not go through this entire process of install, setting up things, configuring things etc.,

Heroku :
Heroku is an online hosting environment for the rails based web applications. Not just that it come out with pretty good number of features like editing application online, export and importing the existing rails applications, customising the url's, share and collaborate online the rails projects...

Have a look at this !

Please do contact the Heroku team if you have queries on privacy and other issues.

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CassAmino said...

Hi Sumanth, How do you do? Glad to have come across you, would like to talk to you about a Web App am developing on RoR...