Monday, January 28

Web Applications

Database is one of the key things for the web applications. The flow of web application can be simply put into the following broad steps:

  • User makes request from Browser/Client
  • The "http" request carries this to Server (web/app server)
  • The web server parts the request with the help of CGI/FCGI...
  • CGI/FCGI gives the control to application
  • Application takes the rest of game, which include
    • Identifying the actions/method
    • Actions/Methods would do the logic
    • Contacts the database
    • Fetches the data and pushes to front (with appropriate html's...)
  • The server would redirect the same to client side.
  • The user gets the content he asked for.
That would give good picture on how the web application work.
The above points give us information on what are the components that are required and each of them will be covered in the posts coming upon!

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