Tuesday, April 25

Right Choice

Today I would like to share some thoughts on how the choices play a role.

I am sure, everyone during their college days would have dreamt of settling in a big company as soon as they move out of the Institutions. This idea would have been result of many influences around the individual. Say, Branding, Pay scale, Security of job, Career interest …
Last weekend I was on my way to home town. In the bus, I met this Engineering Graduate who is doing job as Systems Engineer in a reputed company. During the conversation, I discuseed on how the interactions with the Tech Leads, Project Managers and the CEO of the company goes on. He said that he can count on his finger how many times he had a chance to meet their superiors. Then I asked how will he update the work? He promptly said by mails. He went on saying how long it takes even to proceed on a small things, since they need to get approval from the immediate superiors. I agree that this process as mandatory for the big companies to keep track of the happenings in the company, how far as the individuals especially fresher are benefited.

I feel that a fresher should consider the following at the starting of their career:
* Do they have a chance to meet experts?
* Is the superior regularly checking his efforts?
* Is there any one around to share his views/interests?
* Is he capable of grabbing the expertise of experts around him?
* Is he learning at least one new thing/concept everyday?

Of course the list goes on. What I strongly feel that the fresher should look upon for the company where he has a chance to grow up in his career along with the company.
So it is a Right Choice between the career or brand, interest or salary.

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Richard Rowan said...

I like the name of your post. In my 25 years with different firms, many of them what you may call "prestigious," I have learned this:
-- Willingness to learn and adapt in any situation is more valuable than the situation itself, e.g., it is not the job, it is what we do with it. Most businesses cannot afford the formal handholding and personal contact of a few years ago. We must adapt to this reality.
-- At the start of a career, plan to change jobs every two or so years. Never stay more than three.
-- Functional or technical "Experts" are highly overrated, especially in volatile fields like tech and finance. Again, expertise is less important than the abilities to learn, listen, and communicate.

Good luck. Check out and leave a comment at my blog, Rowan's Future of Choice at http://richardrowan.typepad.com/