Wednesday, April 19

Useful Extensions #1

What browser do you use? Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox …. Whatever it may be, here I am going to mention how the Mozilla browser helps developers in tweaking more details of webpages. I had been using all the browsers that I had mentioned earlier.
Why only Mozilla? Last month I was asked to do some interesting task on how to build extensions to Mozilla Firefox. That is how I first came to know about these very useful concepts of Mozilla - Extensions. Really, many extensions are available with Mozilla to make a developers life really cool. Though all the Extensions are listed under the mozilla Extensions, I like to mention few extensions that I am making use daily to the full extent possible. Hope they will be helpful to you some way or other.

Web Developer 1.0.2 – This is really useful for the starters. This adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools which looks like this:

Though you can try upon right now with this extension, I would like to say little functionality.
-> The 'Cookies' option allow you work on cookies related like deleting cookies, session cookies, viewing cookie information, adding cookies…
-> The 'CSS' option next to cookies provide how to edit css, display css, block css, Border and box model…
-> I will switch on to option 'Information' which is next to 'Images', this will give you information regarding to colors, fonts, anchors, links, element information, class and id details, table information …
-> The next is 'Outline' option, this is very helpful as it outlines all the Frame, table cells, tables, links, Elements that are presnet in the webpage. There is an option 'Outline Current Element' through mouse you can select the element.
Try out the Web Developer extension and see the change in your developing style.

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