Wednesday, July 30

Career Steps: How to tell the world what I am ?

I could not wait for long time to write this post, continuing what I had started in my previous post Career Steps: Tell what "you" are to the world?
many might be already thinking of implementing/doing few of the mentioned points. But how you do it makes you really different, isn't it!
  • Register into relevant/interesting groups/forums & be a watchdog there.
  • Actively take part in the technical talks/sessions.
  • Try to excel in particular concept and be ready to show your capability. (When u r ready, opportunities sure to come!)
  • Keep shouting/discussing at community groups/forums.
  • Be attentive and ready to extend your hands to the people with doubts.
  • Show you professionalism.
  • Start socializing.
  • Maintain your personal pages/blogs/websites.

These are just few of the ways that I can immediately think of and I welcome all to suggest more ways if they have any...

Well here comes the action items:
Rails Groups & Forums: (For ruby enthusiasts)

Professional Network: (for ror professional)

Social Networks

Personal Page:

Online Knowledge Base:

Bookmarking sites:

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