Sunday, July 27

Websites -> Weblogs -> Micro Blogging -> ? what next?

I was just recollecting how the internet had changed the people, business, culture, thought process and the list can go on and on... But I am just amazed the ways and means of showcasing, marketing one about their skillset, work capabilites and portrait themselves to this wide world.
where you pile up lots and loads of content in form of pages and users/visitors can go through leisurely.

Weblogs (Blogs) :
Later moved to weblogs, popularly known as blogs, for more interactive, updated content.

We are now even ahead of blogs with micro-blogging concept. Users can post limited text about what they are doing?

What caught my attention is how dynamically we are becoming and more dynamically we are able to develop the software tools that can keep up our dynamism, agility, communication, information gathering. So also the market coping up with new trends, millions of websites, later came the revolution through blogs (wordpress, typepad, blogger...) and now the micro-blogging popularised by twitter, jaiku. This micro-blogging became so famous that it influenced well established web applications/products to embed this feature into their own systems.

I observed them in the following places:
LinkedIn, Orkut, Facebook, Digg...

So what next after this micro-blogging?
Are we heading to "nano"???

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