Friday, July 4

Firefox Extensions - Set as Startup Page(s)

A quick fix for this extension. The latest version will have the options set in context menu(i.e, on mouse right click) and under Tools menu options. The button from the status bar is removed now.
Thanks to Prashant for his feedback and I will implement the suggestions in future releases.

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We browse umpteen number of sites/pages across the internet everyday. If you like them and you want to keep the selection as startup pages for your browser (FF), you have to change the options manually.

I thought (as most users feel!) it was not convenient and so I ventured to make it as simple extension. Well if you are like me then, "Set as StartUp Pages" is one such simple and profound extension which would let you set the startup pages with a simple button click from your status bar.

How it works?

1. Install the extension.

2. Restart the browser instance.

3. You will find a button "Set Homepage(s)" in statusbar.

Button from status bar removed.
Options are visible in Tools menu and context menubar.

4. Browse across pages in as many tabs you want.

5. Click the button to set them as startup pages.

6. An alert message would confirm the above step.

7. Clicking on 'Home' icon, you can see the implementation.

Set As Startup Page(s) - Download

For next release:

1. Option to set the pages just on mouse right click.

2. Help page with instructions.

3. To improvise the alert/confirmation message.

Note: I would like to get your feedback before I submit to Mozilla Add-ons repository.

Set As Startup Page(s) - Download

1 comment:

Prashant said...

My Feeback:

1. Instead of button, put an icon on the status bar.
2. Place it on right hand side, not on left hand side, as when a page is loading, the browser text "Transferrring data from...." is overlapping with the button.
3. Offer options like, "Set this tab as home page", "Set all tabs as Home pages". I know these features are already there, but the user can see this visually, then it will be much better.